RifleCrafters Press Release - Cobalt Kinetics


Frisco, TX



Riflecrafters LLC is announcing today the formation a dealership arrangement with St. George, Utah based Cobalt Kinetics where Riflecrafters will market and sell Cobalt Kinetics firearms and accessories through their retail outlets.


Cobalt Kinetics is a designer and manufacturer of high quality, precision firearms which combine innovative patent pending designs with the highest quality manufacturing.  Cobalt Kinetics line of Professional, Edge, and Special Purpose firearms all incorporate Cobalt Kinetics drive for innovation and the highest quality manufacturing.


Riflecrafters is proud to announce this dealership arrangement with Cobalt Kinetics and looks forward to making their high quality, precision firearms available to our customer base.

For more information and to shop for Cobalt Kinetics products visit RifleCrafters.com